Frequently Asked Questions

What is your tattoo rate per hour?

My hourly rate is $200/hr with a minimum of $100.  I work efficiently, and I'm precise, patient and focused on giving you the high quality tattoo you're investing in. There is absolutely no charge for consultations if you need to come in and discuss ideas, questions, etc about what you're planning for your tattoo.

How do I book an appointment?

I book appointments for consults and tattoos through email.  Consultations are no charge.  A nonrefundable deposit is required to book a tattoo appointment and start the drawing process; the deposit goes toward the tattoo payment at the time of session.  Call at least 48 hours in advance to reschedule or full deposit will be forfeited (meaning no refunds or putting forward to book new appointments).

How do I get my tattoo design started?

A consultation is required - I need to mark placement, discuss size, details, and make sure the idea will actually transfer well for a tattoo.  Bring any picture references you might want to influence aspects of your tattoo design.  A deposit of at least $100 is required to schedule tattoo session and begin drawing process.  Estimated drawing time frame will be given at consultation.

Do you take walk-ins?

I create a fresh design for every tattoo with a unique and personal touch.  I use existing tattoo pictures for reference only, and ask for full artistic freedom in all design requests.  Currently I book consultations and appointments through email or social media.

I don't know what I want! Can you design something for free?

I have available designs that I'd like to do here!  Otherwise, no: I require a deposit for any new design commissions and need you to have a general idea of the concept.  **Please keep in mind that some concepts or styles may be turned away because of design conflicts and other issues; respect your professional artist's opinion to change or reject an idea if you're coming to them for their creativity and quality!**

How do I take care of my tattoo afterwards?

I've written down aftercare instructions and a lot of helpful tips!

What do I need for my tattoo session?

Take a look at what you need to bring for your session, how to dress and other etiquette.