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Hello and thanks for stopping by!  I'm a tattoo artist who works with digital and fine art, currently based in Austin, TX.  Take some time to check out my tattoo work, as well as my digital and fine art pieces I have available - if you're interested in getting any of it then get in touch!

In early 2019, I left my original home studio In The Skin in Victoria, TX to work in other high quality studios across the States.  I found Shaman Modifications in north Austin,TX and ended up staying after my guest spot was over.

I travel to In The Skin and Ink & Steel for guest spots and will add to the list.  I look forward to meeting new people across the States as I learn new techniques.


Check out my work and see what we're up to at the north Austin studio on Instagram!

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I was born in San Antonio and grew up around Texas until graduating high school, when I moved to Arizona to study Graphic Design & Animation.  I've loved art since my brother introduced me to "Beavis and Butthead" at the tender age of four.  Since then I've adopted techniques that have helped evolve my perspective and how I approach my designs.

I took the chance to start my tattoo apprenticeship in 2012.  Seven years later I left my first tattoo home to broaden my horizon: I wanted to enjoy other experiences, make new memories, and learn different techniques.  I ultimately found Shaman Modifications where Pineapple and the team welcomed me in!

I'm experienced in a variety of materials and styles, which I apply to my tattoo work.  I create images where realism meets neotraditional - I love to combine bold and fine line work with gradients, contrasting tones, and intricate detail that give tattoos an almost 3D appearance.  It's important for me to create a design that will retain its high quality, definition and color for years to come.

I work by appointment only and ask that you read the information in my Tattoo and FAQs tabs before booking with me!  Please contact me at least a couple months in advance of when you'd like to book your session, since I schedule ahead and require time to draw your design!


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